The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) was formed on 1 January 2004 as a result of the merger between the University of Durban-Westville and the University of Natal. The new university brings together the rich histories of both the former Universities. VISION To be the Premier University of African Scholarship. MISSION A truly South African University … Read moreUKZN

UKZN Prospectus 2019/2020

UKZN Prospectus 2019/2020 Details of University of KwaZulu-Natal Prospectuses 2019/2020 is available for download in PDF format. Click below to download a copy. 2019 Undergraduate Prospectus 2019 Postgraduate Application Guide

UKZN Westville Campus

UKZN Westville Campus Westville campus is in an environmental conservancy in Westville, about 20 km West of Durban. It was formerly the site of the University of Durban-Westville before the 2004 merger. Westville offers a range of degrees, and will soon be the main home of the disciplines of commerce and management. Why Choose The University … Read moreUKZN Westville Campus

UKZN Application 2019/2020

UKZN Application 2019/2020 Online Application Application methods  UKZN has two methods of applying. Choose one of the following: 1. Online Web application- Click here to apply. 2.Paper based application- Click here to download an application form. Applications directly to the University Applications directly to UKZN • If you have been registered at UDW, UN or … Read moreUKZN Application 2019/2020

UKZN Timetable

UKZN Timetable Timetabling & Venue Bookings The Timetabling and Venue Booking Office manages and processes: the lecture timetables for all campuses, except Medical School; the examination timetables; the allocation of venues for tests and exams; the allocation of venues for departmental and student societies meetings and workshops; the LAN bookings; the use of all University facilities (excluding sports facilities) … Read moreUKZN Timetable

UKZN Learn

UKZN Learn Welcome to the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s online learning web site! Learning@UKZN is the University of KwaZulu-Natal‘s online learning web site. Support: Staff queries should be emailed to Learning”at” (Replacing “at” with @) UKZN Extended Learning complied with all the terms and conditions of the Up-skilling project and concluded the services within agreed upon timelines. … Read moreUKZN Learn

UKZN Courses

UKZN Courses University of Kwazulu Natal Courses Offered The University of KwathZulu-Natal is a multi-campus, residential, teaching and research-led university located in the picturesque province of KwaZulu-Natal. The University has a proud and rich heritage of academic excellence. The year 2010 marked the centenary of Higher Education in the province of KwaZulu-Natal – a centenary … Read moreUKZN Courses

UKZN Email

UKZN Email How to Access UKZN Email: University of KwaZulu-Natal Student e-mail access from off-campus (These settings are for IE and may work for other browsers): 1. Go to the website. 2. Click on Login 3. Enter Student Number details in the following format: eg. and press Enter. 4. You will then receive a pop-up box … Read moreUKZN Email

UFS Oracle

UFS Oracle University of the Free State (UFS), a century-old institution established in 1904 in Bloemfontein (the City of Roses), boasts 3 campuses and 51 satellite campuses, catering to 33,000 students—2,000 of whom come from other parts of Africa and around the world. The huge variety of program offerings attracts students from almost 40 countries … Read moreUFS Oracle