Unisa Short Learning Programmes

Unisa Short Learning Programmes Apply for admission Applications for admission to Short Learning Programmes for the 2019 academic year Who must apply? Everyone wanting to start a new Short Learning Programmes must apply for admission. This includes first-time Unisa applicants, Unisa students changing to a new qualification and applicants who previously applied for admission but … Read moreUnisa Short Learning Programmes

Unisa Application Fee 2019/2020

Unisa Application Fee 2019/2020 Fees & payment methods Fees Office MBA queries 011 652 0221 or rakomml@unisa.ac.za MBL queries 011 652 0243 or chabani1@unisa.ac.za PGD and DBL queries 011 652 0226 or ngwanmt@unisa.ac.za General queries: Landline: 011 652 0312 / 0379 / 0380 E-mail: SBLfinance@unisa.ac.za Student fees are broken down into the following Application fee Tuition … Read moreUnisa Application Fee 2019/2020

Unisa Application Tool

How to Use Unisa Application Tool UNISA application tools The online UNISA application tool is secure and will help you conveniently get a chance at the university. While submitting manual requests at the admissions office remains a conventional method, UNISA online application saves both time and resources; therefore, allowing international learners to enroll for different … Read moreUnisa Application Tool

Unisa Online Application 2019/2020

Unisa Online Application 2019/2020 2019 application for admission Everyone wanting to start a new qualification must apply for admission. Undergraduate qualifications (higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, PGCE, BTech & degrees): Closed Honours degrees & postgraduate diplomas: Closed Master’s & doctoral degrees: 10 September – 23 November 2018 Details Of University of South Africa … Read moreUnisa Online Application 2019/2020

UCAS Points 2019

UCAS Points 2019 UCAS Points (also known as the UCAS Tariff) are a way of measuring the relative value of all post-16 qualifications in the UK. Points are awarded according to the UCAS Tariff, which assigns a numerical score to the possible grades that be can achieved in each type of qualification. As you would … Read moreUCAS Points 2019

UCAS Clearing

UCAS Clearing What is Clearing? If you’re applying through Clearing, find out what to do, and how to apply. From 5 July to 23 October, you can apply for a course using Clearing if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places. You can use Clearing if: … Read moreUCAS Clearing

Further Education

Further Education Further education (often abbreviated FE) in the United Kingdom and Ireland is education in addition to that received at secondary school, that is distinct from the higher education (HE) offered in universities and other academic institutions. It may be at any level in compulsory secondary education, from entry to higher level qualifications such … Read moreFurther Education

Polytechnics Central Admissions System

Polytechnics Central Admissions System The Polytechnics Central Admissions System (PCAS) was an administrative body handling admissions in England and Wales to most courses at polytechnics and some other higher education institutions for the entry years 1986 to 1992. It ran in parallel to the university admissions system, UCCA, as well as the Central Register and … Read morePolytechnics Central Admissions System

Universities Central Council on Admissions

Universities Central Council on Admissions Universities Central Council on Admissions (UCCA) provided a clearing house for university applications in the United Kingdom from its formation in 1961 until its merger with PCAS (Polytechnics Central Admissions System) to form UCAS in 1993. History UCCA was created in response to concerns during the 1950s that the increase … Read moreUniversities Central Council on Admissions