Milpark Business School MBA

Milpark Business School MBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The multidisciplinary MBA programme empowers and equips managers, professionals and graduates with advanced management and business leadership education to become outstanding performers in the business environment.

Milpark Business School’s MBA students will be able to analyse complex issues, think critically and appreciate alternative perspectives related to core business management issues. They are taught to apply, evaluate and synthesise current management theories in the main functional areas of financial management, human resource management, marketing management, ethics, governance, operations management, global economics and leadership.



Foreign applicants whose first language is not English are required to provide proof of proficiency in English prior to admission to the qualification.



Minimum system requirements:

  • Reliable broadband Internet access
  • Firefox/Internet Explorer/Chrome web browser
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF Viewer
  • Ability to scan and upload documents
  • Email/Cellphone for notification and communication.




Admission to the qualification is subject to academic selection criteria. The applicant must:

  • have an accredited postgraduate diploma, honours degree, a four-year Bachelor’s degree (that exits at Level 8) or equivalent.
  • be at least 25 years old.
  • achieve an acceptable rating in either the Milpark or NMAT assessments.
  • have a minimum of three to four years’ relevant work experience.
  • be proficient in English. (Proof of proficiency may be required for international students.)
  • be computer and Internet-literate.
  • write a one-page essay motivating his/her admission onto the MBA.
  • present him/herself for an interview with the Programme Manager.
  • Submit a CV using the Milpark Business School template. (template available on the online admission application).


In exceptionally limited cases, admission to the qualification may also take place via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Applicants in this category must demonstrate that they have sufficient professional experience by submitting the following information on application:

  • A condensed curriculum vitae
  • A biographical essay


In addition, the applicant must:

  • present him/herself for a challenge exam if in the opinion of the Panel this is necessaty (on the merits of past work experience).
  • be 40 years old or older.
  • have 15-20 years’ relevant work experience.
  • be in a Senior Management or Executive position.
  • achieve an acceptable rating in either the Milpark or NMAT assessments.
  • write a one-page essay motivating his/her admission onto the MBA.
  • present him/herself for an interview with the Programme Manager.


Note: only once all Entry Route 1 places have been finalised, can any RPL candidates be admitted onto the Qualification.



Prospective students who have an accredited four-year Bachelor’s degree (that exits at level 8), an Honours degree, a postgraduate diploma or equivalent with at least three years’ work experience can apply for the MBA at Level 9.



Milpark Education is committed to the process of lifelong learning and opening access to higher education.  The programme is at NQF Level 9 and students may be eligible to proceed to a doctorate in selected areas, including business administration or other cognate areas.  Please note that admission to a doctoral programme is entirely at the discretion of an individual institution and completing an MBA does not guarantee entry into any doctoral programme by default.



New students registering for the first time on a programme (qualification).

Students need to complete the admission process and receive academic acceptance onto the programme before registering for modules (subjects or courses).


*International students: please refer to the admission requirements for international students by clicking here

Before applying, be sure that you:

  1. meet the minimum entry requirements as per the course programme brochure.
  2. adhere to the admission closing dates as per the course programme timetable.
  3. have all required documentation available as set out in the course programme brochure.

Contact our student service centre at 086 999 0001 where a consultant will gladly assist you by completing your admission application on your behalf.

Upon successful admission, you will receive an acceptance letter via email as well as login details to access myMilpark our online student environment.


If you have completed a qualification at another accredited institution, you may be eligible for subject exemptions.

To apply for an Exemption:

  1. submit the relevant application if any of the modules you have completed previously (no more than 10 years ago) are similar to the modules on the qualification you are applying for.
  2. submit your original exemption application form together with originally certificated documents via post or hand delivery to Milpark.
Note: If you have previously completed a qualification at Milpark Education, you may also be eligible for subject exemptions, however these will be automatically granted on admission. No application is required.


On successful admission, you can proceed with the registration of your semester modules.
*International students: please refer to the registration requirements for international students by clicking here

To register, ensure that you:

  1. have received your login details to access myMilpark.
  2. adhere to the registration closing dates as per the relevant course programme timetable.
Proceed to myMilpark

(You will be required to upload your proof of payment proof of deposit/EFT, bursary letter or credit card.)

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